Simplifying complexity

Enterprise Architecture

At H&H Technology we define services as enablers to the enterprise to achieve its strategic objectives and goals, H&H Technology offers the following services and tools

1. Strategic Alliance: Align corporate strategic objectives with EA practices, understanding and revising business objectives, and Developing meaningful objectives KPI

2. Enterprise Architecture Capability: Establish an enterprise architecture capability in accordance to TOGAF 9.2 framework, with right skills, resources, tools, and processes to standout for corporate values and mission, performing the following tasks:

  • Skills framework and resources: defining and selecting right resources and skillsets based on organizations best interest
  • Enterprise Architecture principles: reform architecture principles based on organization general principles and guidelines resulted from the organization strategic plan.

Enterprise Architecture Content Framework: Setup of Tools, designing Repository, and classify the enterprise continuum

· Enterprise Architecture Governance: Setup and design enterprise wide, or local governance policies, processes and tools

· Tailoring Architecture Development Method: Customize and tailor Reference models, blueprints, standards, guidelines, building blocks, and processes to execute and deploy architecture artifacts effectively and eco-logically, leveraging most advanced technology architecture styles such as SOA and MSA.

Executing the Architecture Development Method

· Architecture Vison: Business Scenarios, Value Chain Analysis, Business Transformation Readiness Assessment, Maturity-Modeling

· Domain Architectures: Business, Data, Application, Technology, and Security Architectures,

· Solution Architecture: Industry trends analysis, market assessment, product evaluations and proof of concepts, applying modern technology trends and architecture styles SOA, and MSA

· Implementation and Governance: Implementation management, Compliance reviews, objective alignment auditing